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                          Welcome to Henan Xinlong Heavy Industry Technology Co., LTD., specializing in providing Raymond grinding equipment, super fine, vertical, European mill and other mechanical equipment, the price is favorable.

                          Superior technology, standardized management, practical attitude, quality service

                          Raymond Mill Equipment

                          Three major research and development capabilities Make Raymond mill equipment

                          Years of experience, Raymond mill equipment around the operation

                          • Strong r&d team

                            The company has a group of experienced management scientists, engineers and research and development team, the company will continue to increase, to provide customers with high standard, diversified engineering services

                          • Sound production system

                            Perfect product testing system and quality assurance system, strictly implement effective and reliable production management standards

                            Set up digital automatic management system in domestic industry

                          • Customize according to user requirements

                            According to the different needs of users, specially designed to meet the user's model.

                          Immediately consult
                          Why choose Xinlong Heavy Industry Technology

                          WHY CHOOSE US

                          • strong

                            Perfect product testing system and quality assurance system

                          • customized

                            More than 3,000 enterprises have witnessed this

                          • Hardware companies

                            Set up automatic management system in the industry

                          • Service guarantee

                            Provide you with one-stop service

                          Service FUWU

                          24 hours + service, perfect pre-sale, sale, after sale
                          • Free Installation Guide
                          • Field test machine
                          • Monthly Routine inspection
                          • Preventive maintenance

                          Xin dragon XINLONG

                          Excellent quality, quality assurance!
                          From Raymond mill manufacturers direct supply

                          The strength of the company, production and sales of ultrafine grinding machine, grinding machinery, vertical grinding machine, European version of the mill. Perfect product testing system and quality assurance system, the establishment of digital automation management system, so that employees have a strong sense of responsibility.

                          Xin dragon XINLONG

                          Committed to provide you with more suitable grinding equipment
                          Complete models, comprehensive products

                          Continuous research and development innovation more superior products, perfect product testing system and quality assurance system, diversified products, more choices, cost rationalization.

                          Preferential YOUHUI

                          We have more manufacturers preferential prices
                          To a greater extent let customers!

                          Enjoy the original factory preferential purchase price, we can provide good quality products.

                          Xinlong Leimeng grinding equipment

                          Products have won the praise of every customer!

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